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How it all started

Split Peak Surf Shop - Surf is Life - Grom Froth


Split Peak's SURF is LIFE™ brand was  created with the goal of providing our global tribe of customers an  array of lifestyle products and fashions that symbolize the soul  quenching, froth inducing joy of the exhilarating wave riding  experience.

Established 1965 ~ Laguna Beach , California

Our Mission



Sustainability and Lifestyle
Our mission is to offer a surf lifestyle brand that emphasizes sustainability and the protection of our oceans, beaches and killer surf breaks all around the world.  Our fashion lines and products are an offering to beach goers and surf enthusiasts everywhere. 

What is a Split Peak?



Surf School
A Split Peak, also commonly referred to in surf vernacular as an 'A-Frame', occurs when an incoming wave forms in a fairly symmetrical shape just before it breaks.  This type of wave forms a centered peak that allows the wave to break both left and right, offering wave riders the choice to take off either way, or allows multiple riders to 'Split the Peak' and ride one breaking wave in opposite directions.  Fun stuff!